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5 Best Dash Cams for Truckers of 2021

Dash Cam Pondering what it is? Well, think of the CCTV screen in significant retailer shops. Basically, a dash cam is simply a camera for the vehicle. The dashcam is…

Michael Lowe 9 min read
Interior Accessories

Pedal Commander Review: Should You Buy It?

If you are a multi-model driver, by now you should have realized the difference in some of the gas pedals. Older manually operated cars tend to have more responsive pedals…

Michael Lowe 5 min read

4 Best Oil Additives for Engine Knock

The engine is meant to function smoothly, transitioning from one point of the four-stroke cycle to another. Any deterrent to normal functioning can have drastic effects on its performance and…

Michael Lowe 3 min read

7 Best Car Battery Chargers of 2021

Every car requires a battery. Despite the fact that the power needed to make the car move is supplied by the engine, there are a lot more functions that require…

Michael Lowe 5 min read

8 Best AUX Cables of 2021

In this age of smartphones and other portable electronic devices, aux cables have become must-have accessories in our vehicles. Aux cables, also referred to as auxiliary cables, aux cord, or…

Michael Lowe 9 min read

5 Best High Mileage Motor Oils of 2021

Diesel engines provide better performance compared to gasoline engines. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. The maintenance of these engines is considerably more demanding. Here’s what you need to…

Michael Lowe 5 min read