Author: Michael Lowe

Exterior Accessories

5 Best Winter Wiper Blades of 2023

​Winter driving brings on a whole new set of challenges for the average motorist. The last thing you need is to be struggling with a dirty windshield, especially when the…

Michael Lowe 3 min read
Exterior Accessories

6 Best Car Rooftop Carriers of 2023

​Our motoring lives can be complicated. With so many different models of vehicles to choose from – hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, crossovers, trucks, minivans, sub-compacts. Choosing something that gives you more…

Michael Lowe 7 min read

5 Best High Mileage Motor Oils of 2023

Diesel engines provide better performance compared to gasoline engines. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. The maintenance of these engines is considerably more demanding. Here’s what you need to…

Michael Lowe 5 min read

9 Best Torque Wrenches of 2023

​When working on a car, boat or plane, bolts usually come in two different types. The first one is the regular bolt. The bolt you can tighten up with a…

Michael Lowe 9 min read
Exterior Care

6 Best Car Drying Towels of 2023

​The best car drying towel is no longer made from chamois leather. This is a shame because I grew up just wanting to smell them. (Am I weird or did…

Michael Lowe 7 min read

7 Best Leather Conditioners of 2023

It is possible for your car’s leather upholstery to last for years with a rich aroma and a shiny, supple nature. But, that all depends on how you care for…

Michael Lowe 8 min read