Author: Michael Lowe


5 Best Motorcycle Oils of 2023

Just like a car engine, a motorcycle requires engine oil to work. The basic function of motorcycle engine oil is to lubricate the engine’s moving parts to reduce friction and…

Michael Lowe 14 min read

How To Deal With A Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

In today’s setting, tire pressure monitoring systems are part of the structure of most vehicles’ fuel-efficiency systems. And whether you like it or not, they are here to stay. It…

Michael Lowe 7 min read

Brake Noises: Causes and How to Fix Them

Aside from oil changes and regular maintenance, brake noises are without a doubt, the most common complaints automotive technicians have to deal with on a daily basis. And for a…

Michael Lowe 12 min read

How to Remove Bird Poop from Your Car

Cleaning up bird poop on your car may not be a pleasant task, but it’s a problem that many car owners have to face. Despite being unpleasant, there isn’t much…

Michael Lowe 4 min read

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Windshield?

If you drive a car, there’s a good chance that you’ve already had the unfortunate experience of having a windshield replacement. By their very nature, vehicle windshields take much abuse…

Michael Lowe 10 min read

6 Best Winter and Snow Tires of 2023

​Winter is coming and, once again, you have to buy winter tires for your car and, once again dealers, independent auto shops, and tire shops will try to convince you…

Michael Lowe 7 min read