Author: Michael Lowe

Exterior Accessories

5 Best Spray-On Truck Bed Liners of 2021

​The best spray-on bed liner for your truck helps to keep things from sliding about. It also keeps the bed in good condition, stops it from rusting, and it can…

Michael Lowe 6 min read

6 Best Transmission Additives of 2021

​What happens when your automatic transmission starts shuddering or the changes feel harsh and uncomfortable? It could be an indication that your transmission is needing some serious attention, perhaps even…

Michael Lowe 6 min read
Exterior Care

4 Best Windshield Repair Kits of 2021

​Getting your windshield professionally repaired can cost you anywhere up to $150. But, for less than a tenth of that, you could buy ​the best windshield repair kits and DIY…

Michael Lowe 4 min read
Exterior Care

6 Best Car Drying Towels of 2021

​The best car drying towel is no longer made from chamois leather. This is a shame because I grew up just wanting to smell them. (Am I weird or did…

Michael Lowe 7 min read