5 Best High Mileage Motor Oils of 2018 with Reviews

The key to increasing the lifespan of your car is and always has been proper maintenance. A large fraction of the cars on the road today are well over seven years old. This is because most car users prefer to maintain their old cars or purchase pre-owned cars. As such, the level of maintenance required for these cars is high.One of the key areas to maintain is the engine. The heart of the car experiences a lot of wear over time and even the best engine oils seem not to be helping much. It is at this point that you are then pushed to switch to high mileage oils.Basically, high mileage motor oils are denser engine oils most suitable for ‘older’ engines. They contain a burn off inhibitor and a seal conditioner that are meant to assist the worn out engines go more miles. Now let’s have a look at the best high mileage motor oils below.

Best High Mileage Motor Oils Review and Comparison

1.    Castrol GTX High Mileage 20W-50

Castrol has been in the business for quite a while and they definitely know how to treat a car right. The GTX High Mileage formula is specially formulated with less phosphorus additive to prevent catalytic converter failure.

This incredible high mileage oil will ward off sludge build up in your engine, protect it from burn-off way beyond industry expectations, seal your conditioners, and most importantly, economize your fuel usage.

2.    Mobil 1 45000 5W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil

This is a great option for car owners seeking to extend their cars’ lifespans. The company, Mobil, is popular for their great attention to producing quality oils. Not only does this high mileage oil extend the life of your engine but also improves its performance significantly.

A common issue with engines that have a high mileage on them is the accumulation of sludge build-up over time. Mobil 1 can help in cleaning out this unwanted sludge to make your engine run smoother for longer.

3.    Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle Oil

If you are out for a great all-around high mileage motor oil, then your best bet is this product from Pennzoil designed specifically for high mileage engines. The unique blend of additives included in its formulation help protect against excessive wear that is associated with the build-up of sludge and old age of the engine. The additives in the oil also help to keep seals in good condition thereby reducing leaks.

The best thing about this oil, and what I know you will love, is that apart from improving performance immensely, it also helps save on fuel. Quite a neat investment, right?

4.    Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40 High Mileage Motor Oil

This is a synthetic blend high mileage motor oil that understands the needs of your old engine. Apart from cleaning up sludge build-up and preventing leaks, it also provides the much-needed lubrication to the engine parts to avoid unwarranted wear.

Most high mileage oils require that you frequently change the oil and MaxLife from Valvoline can considerably reduce oil consumption in between changes.

5.    Amsoil Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oil

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. What is a synthetic oil doing on this list? What you may not know about this extended life synthetic motor oil is that it is actually meant to remain effective for longer periods of time. It does what most other high mileage oils do and does its job well.

Despite being a bit high on the price chart, Amsoil Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oil is definitely worth the trouble and a great investment for older engines. What you may not know about this oil is that it is formulated to go for longer intervals between changes, making it quite cost-effective.

What to Look For When Choosing a High Mileage Oil

Everything you invest in has to give you a good reason why you ought to throw in your money towards it. The same goes for high mileage oils. Remember that if you are out for these oils, then your car requires tender care. As such, the ol you pick out needs to offer the best care possible to ensure your engine lasts longer.

Here are some of the key areas to focus on:

  • Additives in the oil and what effect they pose to your engine.
  • Age and amount of wear on your engine
  • Viscosity and viscosity index of the oil
  • How often you are required to change it and the maintenance practices you take on your engine

Price is another key factor, but in my opinion, the cost shouldn’t really matter when it comes to taking care of your old engine. As a matter of fact, the old car you have would require frequent maintenance checks and the best way to ensure that your engine serves you for longer would be to invest in a good quality high mileage oil.


High mileage oils are made exclusively for engines that are void of warranties and have “high mileage” on them. If you have a relatively young engine, then they aren’t for you just yet.

Also, before you go out in search of a high mileage oil just because you have clocked over 75,000 miles, remember that you cannot fix something that isn’t broken. Yes, your engine is old; but does it behave/misbehave like an old one? Watch out for signs of wear before switching to high mileage oils.

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