Best Synthetic Motor Oils 2017 reviews and Top Picks

Most car owners nowadays are choosing synthetic motor oils to be the lifeblood of their cars. It is very understandable why this is so. Compared to conventional motor oils, synthetic motor oils have a better performance record.

According to the leading experts in the motor industry like Mobil Oil, synthetic motor oils are way better than conventional oils due to a number of reasons. However, with a very large market out there to dive in, it could be quite hard to choose the best synthetic motor oil for your engine.

Best Synthetic Motor Oils Review

1.    Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic oil has to be the best synthetic motor oil. It prides itself in offering better quality than any of its competitors. What’s more, Pennzoil users are more than happy to attest to the oil’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and last longer compared to other motor oils they may have used.

You may not realize it, but Pennzoil protects your engine from power losses while at the same time highly minimizing wear and tear on the heart of your car. This is very useful as it means that your engine maintains the high-quality standards it had from the time it was new.

2.    Mobil 1 Extended Performance

With today’s extended oil change intervals, it is essential that you get a motor oil that can last long before you need to change it. This is what Mobil 1 Extended boasts of having. You can keep your engine running like a new one while at the same time offering unlimited protection for a clean 15,000 miles.

The advanced full synthetic formula has exceptional stability under extreme conditions that makes it overshadow most of its competitors in the same price range. The best part is, this fully synthetic oil is compatible with most types of engines and automobiles which makes it suitable for many users around the world.

3.    Castrol 03084 EDGE

If your engine experiences higher pressures and is required to work harder than conventional engines, then this synthetic oil is perfect for you. Castrol Edge boasts of being three times stronger against viscous decay compared to other oils. It uses a unique titanium technology that completely changes the behavior of the oil in extreme pressures. This, in turn, reduces friction and improves engine performance further.

4.    Valvoline 787023 SynPower

There are a number of factors that can steal engine performance, including heat and stress. As a car owner, these factors should not ruin your cruise. What Valvoline does is to better protect your engine from such factors, ensuring you get the best from your engine.

This complete high-end synthetic oil has been around for some time and the creators know exactly what is best for you. Its special formulation of premium additives lasts longer in your oil ensuring you get maximum protection against wear until the next oil change.

5.    Royal Purple 01130

Specially built for most passenger cars and light trucks, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil offers improved protection and performance to your engine. This is the only fully synthetic oil that is highly compatible with ethanol-containing fuels because of its patented additive technology. Quite a useful trait, don’t you think?

What to look for  when choosing best synthetic motor oil for your car

Before you rush out looking for one of the above mentioned synthetic motor oils, there is something you should know. Just because an oil is ranked among the top motor oils does not mean that it is the best choice for you. There are things you should consider before making that purchase that will affect your entire driving experience. They include:

  • Price of the oil
  • Compatibility with your engine
  • Additives in the oil and the properties they add
  • Your personal needs depending on the conditions your car goes through
  • Your car’s age and the amount of wear on its engine
  • The environment you primarily live in. This includes the temperature conditions and the humidity of the place.


High-performance synthetic motor oils are undoubtedly the best products the industry has to offer. The additives infused in their formulation make them reach properties that conventional oils can only dream of. If you are looking to buy a new car, or already own one, the engine oil you choose for it will largely determine the degree of performance that your car will offer. Be smart when you choose best synthetic oil for your car.

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