Author: Michael Lowe

Exterior Accessories

6 Best Car Covers for Outdoor Storage of 2021

​People use car covers for a whole number of different reasons. Some want to protect their pride & joy, others need a little weatherproofing. And some use them as a…

Michael Lowe 6 min read

Best AFR Gauges for Cars of 2021

​If you’re a serious gearhead that likes to get the best performance from your vehicle, there’s a good chance that you already know about the best wideband gauges. Also known…

Michael Lowe 4 min read
Exterior Care

4 Best Clay Bars Kits of 2021

​There was a time that using a clay bar for detailing your car was the job of a professional, but as the results of the product became widely-known, there has…

Michael Lowe 5 min read

How To Deal With A Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

In today’s setting, tire pressure monitoring systems are part of the structure of most vehicles’ fuel-efficiency systems. And whether you like it or not, they are here to stay. It…

Michael Lowe 7 min read
Exterior Care

7 Best Car Paint Sealants of 2021

​OK, I’ll admit it, for a long time, I considered auto paint waxes as the same thing as a car paint sealant. But, it seems that I’m not alone and…

Michael Lowe 6 min read

How to Remove Bird Poop from Your Car

Bird poop on car – a nasty phrase to be searching for, but it’s a totally gross thing that can happen to your car. Unfortunately, there really isn’t that much…

Michael Lowe 2 min read

Best Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

If your ‘someone special’ spends their time away, driving trucks, you want to be able to show them that you miss them each time they go away. You want to…

Michael Lowe 4 min read