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How to Remove Swirl Marks the Right Way

Your car is everything to you. You want to pamper it, love it, and polish it until it gleams like a shiny new penny. But, chances are, if it’s more…

Michael Lowe 5 min read
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5 Best Car Halogen Headlight Bulbs

​What constitutes the best headlight bulbs? Are we talking purely about the brightness, longevity, pattern or something else? Many people don’t give much thought to what bulbs they use in…

Michael Lowe 5 min read
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5 Best Pressure Washers for Cars of 2020

​”Is it powerful enough or is it too powerful?” ​These are the questions ​that plague most people who are looking to buy one of the best pressure washers for cars.…

Michael Lowe 11 min read
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5 Best Car Chrome Polishes & Cleaners of 2020

​The ‘Best Chrome Polish’ is a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps the better way to phrase it would be the best metal polish. Most products sold as chrome polish will…

Michael Lowe 6 min read
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7 Best Tonneau Covers for Trucks of 2020

​A tonneau cover is described as a covering for an area that’s open at the top. We naturally assume that it means a truck bed cover, and that’s what we’ll…

Michael Lowe 7 min read
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5 Best Night Driving Glasses of 2020

​According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic, fatal crashes are up to 4 times higher at night than during the day! ​Now, if you’re someone who drives often at night,…

Michael Lowe 9 min read