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Best Epicenter for Car Audio (Our Top 5 Picks)

They say music soothes the soul but a poor sound control system can kill the harmonics of a beautiful song. It is for this reason that most people buy sound enhancers in their homes. If you want to extend good music from your living room to your car, then you should get yourself a good epicenter. A long-distance ride can be short with soothing sounds delivered by your car’s music system.

Basically, an epicenter is a parametric bass equalizer that is designed to enhance the sound from music in the car. Simply put, it is the same as having a woofer for your car. To get an epic music experience, one should consider procuring for the best epicenter for their car audio. We have taken the pains of the need to research from you and done a review of the best five to narrow your search.

Best Epicenter for Car Audio Reviews

Audiocontrol Epicenter

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.9 / 5
  • Brand: AudioControl
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This is the best overall epicenter in our reviews for its outstanding heart-pounding bass restoration. The epicenter is designed with a bass circuit that will restore the sound stepped down by your car stereo thinking that you are using a headset.

Key Features

  • Patented Bass Maximizer
  • Digital bass restoration processor
  • 9.5 Volts Root to Mean Square(RMS) output.
  • 0.005% Harmonic distortions
  • Parametric bass control


  • Lighted display from where you can restore the bass sound
  • The patented bass maximizer is unique in design and gives you just the best of the sounds in your car
  • Comes with a dash mount control through which you can control the gadget
  • It is cleverly designed to have balanced inputs to fight noise interference
  • Parametric bass control gives you the power to boost, cut or treble frequencies
  • The PFM subsonic filter gourds the epicenter against damage.


  • Not the best when it comes to bass restoration in rap genres.

If you are a fan of country music and rock, definitely this is a pick for you. Grab Audiocontrol Epicenter and enjoy your oldies as well.

However, those who love rap may not be the happiest lot with the brand. Though it still works for rap, it does not it doesn’t give you an optimized sound.

Audiocontrol Epicenter takes the Golden spot for its eye-catching features that include a frequency response of between 10Hz and 100000Hz and its capability of almost zero harmonic distortions. The brand best seller in leading e-commerce stores like Amazon.

You will probably love its colorfully lighted display that lets you do the bass controls more intuitively.

The Epicenter 1200

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.8 / 5
  • Brand: AudioControl
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The Epicenter 1200 the runners up in our reviews because of its high-power amplification. It is designed for high power performance. This is a triple package of an amp, output converter as well as an epicenter.

Key Features

  • PFM subsonic filter
  • 1200W at 1 Ohm
  • Maximum input Level Control-MILC™
  • GTO signal sense
  • High Current with 1 Ohm stable
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Expansion bus
  • The Epicenter® Digital Bass Restoration


  • The high current design guarantees a high power sound
  • GTO signal sensing means you do not need a remote to turn on the subwoofer. It automatically powers on when it detects an input signal.
  • Comes with a PFM subsonic filter to do away with damaging sounds
  • The Aluminum chassis guarantees you the epicenter’s durability.
  • The Digital bass restoration guarantees you quality bass sounds
  • You can introduce external peripherals through the expansion bust and enhance the subwoofers functionality


  • Its remote is unnecessarily large.
  • The stock has been discontinued for a while by the manufacturer hence you may miss on its amazing features

The Epicenter is generally good for anyone with a craving for a high power music background. It brings the best in Tejano and rock music. However, people who love micros may not love it. Its size is a bit exaggerated in comparison to other epicenters.

The Epicenter books the silver spot for its high tech power design, as well as that, will give you the best bass sounds your ears have been craving for.

With the brand, your low-frequency music will get a profound boost that normally gets lost due to compression while downloading from audio sources.

LC2i 2 Channel Line

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Brand: AudioControl
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This is a two channel-processing epicenter that will guarantee you maximum quality sounds and averagely priced to cater for both the high-end and high-end buyers. Best for anyone who minds two-speaker inputs.

Key Features

  • 2 channels of speaker inputs
  • Discrete level controls supported by variable and fixed outputs
  • AccBASS® processing
  • GTO™ signal sensor
  • Optional input for remote control level
  • Compact Design


  • The 2 channel inputs mean you can use two speakers
  • GTO sensing capability eliminates the need to power on the epicenter especially when you do not have a remote control with you
  • Its compact design gives it a beautiful feature for the eye
  • Designed with fixed and variable outputs for discrete level controls


  • Not the best for intense Bass genres like rap
  • The design of the threshold knob is plastic made and rips off after some time

LC2i 2 Channel Line is obviously recommended for Bass restoration especially with anyone who loves two speakers for their cars. If you are into music items that are characterized by intense Bass sound, LC2i 2 Channel Line may not be the best for you.

This epicenter draws its strength from its compact design and its two channels of active speaker inputs among other desirable features that give it an edge over the rest.

You will love the fact that LC2i 2 Channel Line gives you a sound volume with just the steering controls and factory volume settings.

AudioControl THE EPICENTER Concert Series

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5
  • Brand: AudioControl
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Best for MP3 music from almost all sources. Designed with a Bass circuit that helps in the output of a superb low sound.

Key Features

  • Parametric Bass Control
  • Inputs are balanced
  • Dash Mount
  • Patented Bass Maximizer™


  • PFM subsonic filter helps protect the device from extreme sound damage
  • The parametric bass control gives you the power of playing with the frequencies. You can treble, cut and boost.
  • The act of balancing the outputs helps in suppressing noise interference
  • It comes with dash mount controls, which enhances the ease of use of the gadget.


  • The absence of GTO means you have to power the Epicenter every time you want to use it.

You can easily recommend this one for the rap guys. It has been designed to accommodate all music genres comfortably. If you want something that can automatically turn on without your intervention after inputting on the source, then this is not your thing.

As mentioned above THE EPICENTER beats them all when it comes to supporting all kinds of music. You won’t get bored with suppressed harmonics. You gonna rap and rock all day with this one.

AudioControl ACR1

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5
  • Brand: AudioControl
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Low in cash and you want an epicenter for your car? Don’t worry this one is best for anyone living on a budget.

Key Features

  • Remote control capability
  • Removable Mounting
  • 20 foot Cable


  • The 20-foot long cable and removable mount enables custom installations
  • The remote control makes using the ACR1 easy
  • Compatible with both new and legacy products that act as a source of music
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Lacks GTO sensing meaning it you have to control it after you plug in the source
  • Characterized by a high signal to noise ratio

This brand steals the show for being the most affordable brand in the market that still can give you a bass sound. In addition, its easy to use and mounting features make it attractive even to the choosy type.

Because of its low price, it is highly recommended for anyone who lives on a budget but interested in enhancing their Bass sounds.

If you want more than just the sound, like GTO sensing epicenters among other fancy features, this is definitely not for you. Its compatibility with almost all products gives it a bragging right over the rest.


Your car stereo will normally take the assumption that you are using a headset and hence suppress the Bass harmonics and give you high sounds. Similarly, when downloading music from the internet may see them being compressed and you may lose the bass sound in them.

To restore this sound, you will need an epicenter. You can choose the best epicenter for car audio from the list given above. Audio control Epicenter is the best overall while the ACR1 is the best budget epicenter and if you love rap, perhaps you should go for the epicenter concert series.

Get one for yourself the best epicenter and rock and rap while riding.

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