7 Best Car Battery Testers and Analyzers

​Most people don’t give their car batteries a second thought, until they’re stuck by the roadside, waiting on recovery or a good friend to rescue them. But, with a little…

Michael Lowe 5 min read

6 Loudest Electrical Car Horns of 2021

​The best car horns don’t necessarily have to be air horns. Some of the standard electrical horns can make some significant noise. However, if you really want your vehicle to…

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8 Best Car Brake Pads of 2021

​If you’re looking for cheap car mods that you can do yourself, upgrading the brakes is one of the simplest (and quickest) upgrades you can do​. Sure, it may not…

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4 Best Multimeters For Automotive Use

​If you have a problem with the electrical system of your car, you’re looking at big money for diagnosis. Unless of course, you can do some of the work yourself.…

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9 Best Cold Air Intake System Kits

​Who makes the best cold air intake system? Will one system consistently out-perform another? Well, it’s complicated, but one thing is for sure, they all beat the standard intake systems.…

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7 Best Tire Repair Kits for Cars of 2021

​Picture the scene: you’re out driving some off-road tracks. It’s just you and your co-driver. You’re miles away from civilization and you get a puncture. You don’t carry a spare…

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