The 5 Best Sunglass Holder for Car

According to the business daily, having sunglasses on top of your eyes is not only cool but also guarantees safe driving. You will need protection from extreme UV radiations, which may cause eye sunburns according to the American Optometric Association.

But, where do you place your sunglasses when you don’t need them? Unfortunately,almost no car manufacturer includes a holder for your sunglasses, this exposes them to damage, and sometimes we just lose them.

Some entrepreneurs have come in to fill in the gap by designing sunglass holders that can be installed on your car and you can hang your sunglasses there comfortably without worrying about losing them to damage or misplacement. Below is a list of the best sunglass holders for cars that are recommended for you to choose.

5. Clear- New EZ Pass

Best for budget Sunglass holder. Though most sunglass holders are generally inexpensive, this one holds the record for being the most affordable hence good for anyone not willing to stretch his or her budget.

Toll Tape 709 Replacement 4-Strips E-Z Pass Mounting Strip

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility
  • UV-protective


  • Mounting of the holder takes seconds
  • The holder can hold other stuff like the IPass and transponder
  • They are 100% UV protective by design


  • Keeps falling once mounted especially with high temperatures
  • May not hold two sunglasses at the same times

Because of its affordable price, this brand is highly recommended for budget guys. If you have more than one pair of sunglasses, you may consider an alternative because this one is a mono holder.

The brand is designed with an innovative technology for mounting purposes. Installing this sunglass holder simply takes seconds and whenever you want to uninstall it, it requires almost no effort as well, thanks to the suction technology involved.

4. HaloVa Car Glass Holder

If you are the type of a guy whose motto is “one is never enough”, then HaloVa is your brand. It is designed to hold two sunglasses at ago.

 HaloVa Car Glasses Holder, Car Visor Sunglasses Ticket Clip Holder, Double Sunglasses Mount Eyeglasses Clip Cash Money Card Holder for Auto Sun Visor/Air Vent, Black

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Wide sage
  • Broad Compatibility


  • The 360-degree rotation design gives you the ultimate adjustment experience
  • Compatible with almost all the current sunglasses in the market
  • Can clip two sunglasses perfectly because of a wide sage
  • Spongy material used to protect glass from damage
  • A robust after-sales service from the manufacturer that include life time warranty and 100% money back within 90 days of purchase


  • You cannot use it conveniently with one hand while driving
  • The holder rotates too easily which is a challenge especially when you want to get the shades while driving

You may be having more sunglasses for different environments if you are a long distance driver. This one suits you if you are in the category. Not the best holder for race drivers. It rotates more freely making it not safe to handle with one handle.

The sunglass holder is the best for two major reasons: One is its 360 rotation capability and two because it can hold two sunglasses at a go.

No matter the make of your sunglasses, this one will handle them perfectly, courtesy of its universal design. The spongy material helps in protecting your glasses from frictional damage. The wide sage gives enough space to hold other things like business cards and tickets.

3. Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder

Do you want to give a longer life to your shades? I guess yes. Then you need Double Sunglass-Glasses holder for that purpose. Double Sunglass holderis king in ensuring durability of your sunglasses.

 Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor / Air Vent -- Conveniently Holds 2 Pairs of Sunglasses -- By Superior Essentials

Key Features

  • Wide sage
  • Slide design
  • Broad Compatibility


  • Designed to hold two sunglasses neatly and safely
  • Easy to use because of its slide in/out design
  • Has a universal design that makes it compatible with many sunglasses
  • It comes with a small but superior clip that can be anchored to air vents or sun-visors to provide a convenient hold to your sunglasses while driving.


  • The clip often comes off when you go for the glasses. A stronger clip could have been awesome

Anyone who would wish to take off or put on the glasses while driving and still feel safe should consider using this brand to hold them. However it is not for.

The beauty of the holder is its ability to hold two sunglasses. Driving and tired of the shades? Well just, fold them and slide them into the folder. To remove them, you also slide them out. So easy and safe even when driving even at moderate speeds.

It comes with a clip wire that enables it to be mounted on all visors and vents comfortably. When mounting, you can go for the popular horizontal position especially with visors or the vertical position with using vents.

2. Komake Glasses Holder

This is the first runners up sunglass holder in our reviews. Those a thousand and one scratches on the glasses of your shades may just be a reminder that time is up to get yourself a Komake Glasses holder.

 Komake Glasses Holder for Car Sun Visor, 2 Pack Sunglasses Holder Clip Hanger Eyeglasses Mount for Car, Double-Ends Clip And 180° Rotational Car Glasses Holder with Ticket Card Clip

Key Features

  • Double ends Clip
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Visor protection


  • Can hold two shades at the same time
  • Can hold two shades at the same time
  • The sponge exterior protects the visor from damage
  • Safe driving because there is no obstruction
  • 180 degree allows forfree adjustments


  • Not so good with steel frames as with plastic ones

Anyone who needs an extra space for those business cards or tickets can go for Komake Sunglass holder. However, it may not mount well on pure metal. For this case, you can consider its alternatives within these reviews.

To protect friction between the holder and the visor, Komake is innovatively designed with a protective sponge for its two ends. This means the annoying scratches on your lenses will never be seen again, which will mean you can use your Sunglasses for long.

It attaches to the visor perfectly to guarantee you as safe driving experience. You do not have to worry about obstruction. Komake Glass holder is designed for compatibility, which is a plus to its features because it can take any make of sunglasses.

1. 2 Pack Glasses Holders

This is undoubtedlythe best overall sunglass holder because of its outstanding features.There are no buttons involved in its operation. It is just a slide in/slide out the thing that you will enjoy using.

 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visor, FineGood Sunglasses eyeglasses Mount with Ticket Card Clip - Black

Key Features

  • Wide Sage
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Compatibility
  • Friction Protected


  • Wide sage means it can hold two shades plus a ticket
  • Non-obstructive driving is guaranteed by its clever design
  • Can be used with many makes of sunglasses 
  • The soft cloth means the visor is safe from damage


  • The clip is very loose and not good for a bumpy ride or a windy road

Best for those who value safe driving because you can easily take them slide in or out your sunglasses in a wink. Anyone who uses bumpy roads too often should not purchase it or if one who is in windy regions. The clip is loosely designed.

The holder’s presence in the visor is almost unnoticeable making it the number one choice for anyone who minds obstruction while driving. The manufacturer of 2 pack Glasses holder was mindful of the sun-visor.

The holder is designed with a soft cloth as a guard against frictional damage. Most importantly, the brand can take two sunglasses at ago and still spare some space for your tickets and business cards. It is also designed with a universal perspective to accommodate all makes of sunglasses in the market today.


This article has narrowed the choices of the best Sunglass holders for you and all you need to do is to get one from a trustworthy vendor. For the best sunglass holder for cars, 2 park runs with the gold. However, the remaining four can still qualify for the best alternatives depending on your taste and preference. Kick away the bad habit of losing or damaging your sunglasses with one of the above sunglass holder.

If you are keen to keep your eyes safe, then you should be keener on the safety of the sunglasses that guarantees safety to your eyes. 

Watch Car Sun Visor Clip Sunglasses Holder Usage Demo


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