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Reviews & Buyers Guide

The 4 Best LED Tailgate Light Bars 2019

​For those of you that aren’t sure, a tailgate light bar is designed to add more visibility to your existing rear lights – turn signals, brake lights, and running lights.…

Car Passionate 5 min read
Reviews & Buyers Guide

7 Best Buffing Pads of 2020

​You know when your car’s paintwork needs a little loving care and attention – perhaps there are some marks you want to remove, or you just want to make it…

Car Passionate 9 min read
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The 5 Best Oil Extractors 2019

​Paying a couple of hundred dollars on having an oil change doesn’t sit well with me … it’s a 30-minute job (at the most) and the most difficult part is…

Car Passionate 8 min read
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The Best Spray Paint For Rims of 2019

​Your car wheels go through a heck of a life – they can get super hot from heat-transfer from the brakes, have to put up with being covered in brake…

Car Passionate 4 min read
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The 6 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners of 2019

​The best way to clean fuel injectors is on a machine designed specifically for the job. But, that’s not a realistic option for a lot of people. A dedicated injector…

Car Passionate 6 min read
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8 Best Shock Absorbers For Cars, Trucks & SUV’s

​Most regular Joe’s know that your shocks affect how the car handles, perhaps understand that it isn’t just down to the shocks, that tires also affect ride quality, and of…

Car Passionate 10 min read