5 Best Oil Additives to Stop Leaks

Additive to stop Engine Oil LeaksWith continued use, it is almost impossible to escape the inevitable problems that engines can face, among them the annoying leaks.Engine oil leaks are so common that most people can only look towards ways in which they can stop the leaks from occurring if they haven’t already started.One of the best ways to avoid and get rid of leaks in your engine is by use of oil additives that can stop them altogether. However, the market is flooded with products that claim to stop leaks and it can, therefore, be hard to identify the wheat from the chaff.Here we have compiled a list of the five best oil additives to stop leaks in your engine so your work can be that much easier.

Best Oil Additives to Stop Leaks – Reviews

1. Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak

Lucas Engine Oil Stop LeakLucas Engine Oil Stop LeakLucas products are among the best in the market due to their expertise in what cars need. Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is no different from its predecessors. To stand out from the others in the crowd, it not only stops your engine oil leak problem but also offers impressive performance to your engine, making sure you get the most out of it.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak will renew your worn out seals to ensure they can function as advertised with ease. No more leaks, no more corrosion, and definitely no more weird sounds from your engine. This is a product that you will be glad you invested in.

  • Prevents corrosion
  • Helps reduce engine noise
  • Easy to use
  • In some cases, does not completely stop leaks

2. Bar’s Leaks Grey Rear Main Seal Repair Concentrate

Bar's Leaks Grey Rear Main Seal Repair ConcentrateBar's Leaks Grey Rear Main Seal Repair ConcentrateSome seals are expensive and hard to repair. They require too much expertise. An example is the rear main seal. If this seal is leaking oil, you are left to worry about the efforts it would take to repair it. Luckily, that’s why there is a product such as Bars Stop Leak Oil. It is capable of repairing the “stubborn” leaks with ease.Aside from helping seal the rear main seal, Bars Stop Leal Oil also seals many other types of leaks to help you get rid of your leaking problem. All you have to do is add it to your engine oil and trust it to perform its duties.

  • Helps seal the difficult to replace seals
  • Rejuvenates the dry seals
  • Results are experienced in a short time
  • Does not work well in older engines

3. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak

Blue Devil Oil Stop LeakBlue Devil Oil Stop LeakBlue Devil is another company that has been around for a while, so you can be sure they know how to deal with your car the right way. Their product, Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is among the best oil additives to stop leaks.

This product contains only the best components to make it as effective as possible in sealing your engine. A great feature if this product, that makes it really stand out, is its compatibility with both diesel and gasoline engines. One top up of Blue Devil Oil Stop Leaks is enough to take care of your leaking problems.

It is also very safe to use.

  • Safe to use
  • Does not harm the engine
  • Results are permanent
  • Compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines
  • Does not seal leaking gaskets well

4. No Leak Engine Oil Stop Leak

No Leak Engine Oil Stop LeakNo Leak Engine Oil Stop LeakThis is a sure treatment method to stop leaks. Beyond that, it is also capable of improving the performance of your engine. It is fairly easy to use and it will effortlessly swell the seals so that they can stop oil from leaking.This product is perfectly safe and compatible with all engine types, so you can be sure of receiving all it has to offer regardless of your engine type. It is perfect for stopping leaks in your engine within a short time.

  • Helps stop smoking in engines
  • Reconditions hardened seals
  • Compatible with most engines and engine oils
  • Does not work with leaky head gasket

5. ATP Engine Oil Stop Leak

ATP Engine Oil Stop LeakATP Engine Oil Stop LeakThe manufacturers of this  product assure users that it can provide results in a very short time. It is compatible with most oil types and as such can have a variety of applications. These applications include gear oil, power steering fluids and hydraulic oil treatments.

The best thing about this additive is that it does not contain solvents that are otherwise harmful to the engine.

  • Acts fast
  • Rejuvenates rubber seals with ease
  • Compatible with most engine oil types
  • Friendly to the engine
  • Can produce blue smoke in some cases


Oil additives that stop leaks have been proven to work perfectly in doing what they have been made to do. There are cases where an engine oil leak will cause formation of smoke as the oil seeps into the combustion area. This requires that you use an additive that is also capable of preventing the formation of the said smoke (in most cases it is blue in color).

If you are new to using these types of additives, it is highly recommended that you acquire assistance in identifying the one that is best for your car as getting the wrong one could lead to more problems for your engine.

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