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[Guide] Transmission Rebuild Cost: Factors, Estimates, & Tips

Transmission rebuild cost: it is important to understand the various pricing terms that are used in the transmission rebuilding process. The most visible component of transmission repair is actually the replacement of failed parts, such as sensors, solenoids and other expensive components.

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Top Gas Stops: Best Quality Fuel Stations

The best quality gas stations are our priority and we make sure that you have the best quality service. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and prepared to assist you with any issue that may arise.

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Cool Solutions: Understanding the Cost of Repairing Your Car’s AC System

AC is a very important aspect of a car. It helps in keeping you cool during the hot days and cold during the cold weather. But it sometimes stops working due to a technical fault or gets damaged by some external cause. In such cases, it needs to be fixed by an AC technician and that can cost you dearly.

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Car Grinding Noise When Accelerating: Causes & Fixes

A loud grinding noise while accelerating could be caused by an issue with your car’s transmission, engine, torsion bars or other sources. This can be resolved by an Automotive Mechanic, who will inspect the car’s gears to identify the problem and apply necessary repairs.

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Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems: Boosting Performance & Turning Heads

A straight pipe exhaust system is a car exhaust system with no muffler or resonator to soften the sound (see note below) of an internal combustion engine’s exhaust. Straight pipe systems are suitable for performance applications, as well as for cars where the vehicle’s original equipment may be more prone to failure under stress such as when towing.

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