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5 Best Mechanic’s Tool Sets of 2019

​The best mechanic tool sets are usually pieced together, bit by bit over a number of years – rarely can you buy a set straight off the shelf that covers…

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The 4 Best Nerf Bars for Your Truck/SUV 2019

​Nerf bars got their name from exactly that … being able to take a minor knock or two … coping with being ‘nerfed’, either by a rock, or perhaps another…

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The 4 Best LED Tailgate Light Bars 2019

​For those of you that aren’t sure, a tailgate light bar is designed to add more visibility to your existing rear lights – turn signals, brake lights, and running lights.…

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7 Best Buffing Pads of 2020

​You know when your car’s paintwork needs a little loving care and attention – perhaps there are some marks you want to remove, or you just want to make it…

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The 5 Best Oil Extractors 2019

​Paying a couple of hundred dollars on having an oil change doesn’t sit well with me … it’s a 30-minute job (at the most) and the most difficult part is…

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Why Does My Car Start Then Dies?

For an internal combustion engine to work correctly, it needs three things: sparks, fuel, and air. If any of these elements are either missing or found in incorrect proportions, the…

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