Best Oil Additives for Lifter Noise (Get Rid of That Annoying Sound for Cheap)

A good engine in the optimum state is meant to be clean and function quietly. So, when your engine starts making weird sounds and noises, you may need to have that checked and possibly fixed.

But how do you know for sure if it is a faulty lifter problem?

A repetitive tapping noise under your car’s hood is the one symptom that you should watch out for if you need a confirmation of a faulty lifter.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What could have caused my lifter to be faulty?”

It can be due to; a sticky check valve, dirt accumulation in the lifter, or action of wear on the lifter. If you have hydraulic lifters, the tapping sound can be caused by the accumulation of dirt within the lifter’s hydraulics due to lack of routine oil changes. This will then cause a drop in the internal oil pressure of the lifters hence the ticking sound.

Should you be worried by a faulty lifter?

Yes! This is because as the lifter makes this noise, you are experiencing a loss of power and, essentially, a significant economic loss.

Here’s a great tip for car owners:

Engine oil additives are known to have significant positive effects, if not 100 percent, on the functioning of the engine. They are also quite economically viable solutions. Most types of engine problems can be taken care of by using the proper oil additives.

Lifter noise problem is no exception. With the proper oil additives, you can remove the dirt and sludge that has accumulated within your lifter. Since engine oils are different from one another, you would require the best oil additive to take care of your problem.

So why not to give it a try before a paying for the heavy repair job?

Lifter Noise Additive Reviews

1. Liqui Moly Hydraulic Lifter Additive

Best oil additive for lifter Noise stopIf you are looking for a solution that will not only get rid of that awful lifter noise in your engine but also improve the performance of your car as well, look no further than LiquiMoly Hydraulic Lifter Additive. This is one of the best oil additives for lifter noise due to its ability to dampen the noise caused by worn hydraulic lifters.

The best thing about LiquiMoly is that it does not affect the properties of your engine oil. It will clean out the valves, guides, and bores to ensure your tappets/lifters are clean and silent while at the same time promoting optimum engine operation without any effect on your engine oil’s viscosity.

Another great thing about Liqui Moly is that it is perfectly suitable for a wide range of commercial motor oils in gasoline and diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filters. This means that you need not worry so much about the compatibility of this fantastic additive with your engine. However, if you have a motorbike that employs the use of a wet clutch, you might have to sit this one out.

This additive also works for vehicles with turbochargers and those with catalytic converters

  • Compatible with a wide range of motor oils
  • Provides a quieter start and idle
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Improves performance of old engines
  • Does not support wet clutches

2.Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate-16.9 oz

Rislone Engine Oil Supplement for Lifter Noise stopThis is a high quality penetrating lubricating oil. It is composed of great additives that enhance its ability to clean out your engine and ultimately get rid of the lifter noise. As a cleaning agent, it removes the sludge from your engine while also preventing the formation of more of it.

Not only is Rislone a great performance booster, it also works to improve the functioning of older engines by reducing the friction and wear on the engine. It is therefore highly effective in quieting noisy lifters.

You can add this fine oil additive to your engine oil at any time. Choosing Rislone as one of the best oil additives for lifter noise is guaranteed to take care of your problem.

  • Boosts performance
  • Enhances smoother running of the engine
  • Good for older engines
No cons

3.Marvel Mystery Oil

Best lifter noise additive to quiet lifter noiseThis is highly economical, highly effective fix for lifter noise problem. Marvel Mystery Oil fortifies the base properties of your basic motor oil, whether traditional or synthetic, by increasing its ability to prevent valve sticking and clutter by breaking down the harmful deposits of carbon and sludge.
In its attempt to prevent valve sticking, Marvel Mystery Oil works perfectly in getting rid of lifter noise. It will prevent sludge build up in newer engines and remove built-up sludge in the older ones. This helps the engine run smoothly and efficiently. It, therefore, functions well in improving the performance of your engine.
Using this oil additive improves the performance of all your valves, lifter check valves included, and ultimately improves your overall fuel economy. This makes it one of the best oil additives for lifter noise as it is not only pocket-friendly but also very efficient.

  • Cleans out dirty valves
  • Works perfectly in most motors
  • Rejuvenates gasoline
  • Fairly cheap
  • Can plug fuel filter
  • It is not compatible with most motor oils

4.Achoil Friction Modifier

Get rid of lifter noiseThis is a Nanoborate-based oil additive that forms a solid boundary lubricating film that is guaranteed to protect your engine from friction. It also provides anti-wear, extreme pressure, and anti-corrosion protection to engines and hydraulic systems. For those with hydraulic tappets/lifters, Archoil Friction Modifier will ultimately take care of the tapping noise.

As an oil additive, Archoil Friction Modifier extends oil life significantly making sure you can go for a bit more mileage before the next oil change. This makes Archoil quite a viable option for those who are not adept at remembering to carry out an oil change. It is also fairly safe for both gasoline and diesel motors.

  • Enhances smoother running of the engine
  • Works wonders for classic cars
  • Provides anti-wear protection to internal engine parts
  • Quite expensive
  • Does not work well in cold weather

5.Zmax Engine Additive and Cleaner

Best oil additive to stop lifter noise for snythetic oil usersFor those who are worried whether there is an oil additive that will be compatible with their synthetic oils, look no further than Zmax Engine Additive and Cleaner. This fantastic additive can be used with all types of oils comfortably.
Perfectly suitable for both old and new engines, Zmax is meant to be soaked up by the internal engine components upon use. With continuous metal wetting action, this product will help dissolve and thereby disperse carbon build up in the engine. This means that your lifters will be cleaned out and the tapping noise will be taken care of.
Unlike other additives that are not compatible with motorbikes and wet clutches, Zmax is a viable option for all motors as it will not cause any clutch spillage. Also, this additive is unique in that it has its schedule. It is recommended to conduct treatment every six months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first, as it continuously weeps from treated metal surfaces. It is, therefore, not a one-time treatment fix like other additives.

  • Compatible with different motor types
  • Compatible with a wide range of motor oils
  • Does not clog up filters
  • Not good for engines that use thicker oils


The presence of lifter noise in an engine can be the symptom of a much greater damage to the engine. This is why, like every other fault you may face, prevention is better than cure. Some oil additives may work perfectly to derail the factors that can cause lifter noise. The best oil additives to quiet lifter noise, we choose can entirely take care of a lifter problem. If they do not, you may require a mechanical fix for your issue.
Remember, an oil additive is not meant to replace your engine oil, and most additive manufacturers recommend using the product during an oil change. Running the engine for a while will make the additive go through the engine system, cleaning out the sludge. Next time you hear that tapping sound coming from your engine, it could probably be the time to look into cleaning out the dirt from those lifters with either of these products.

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