Top 7 Best LED Garage Lighting Ideas 2019

​If you’re lucky enough to have your own space for working in, be that garage, workshop or utility room, you want it to be well lit, clean, tidy and a comfortable space. But if there’s barely enough light in there when you’re trying to do something technical like polish your paintwork, strip a transmission or engine, it makes the job ten times harder – this is why you need to know just what is the best garage lighting for your need.

​Of course, you’re always going to find a job that needs something extra – a spotlight for example, but we’re talking about general lighting, not the type of specialist lighting for working underneath the car, or looking down a sparkplug hole – this is about making your garage or workshop the best place for general duties.

​I’ve picked seven great lighting products, all of these will satisfy your need for the best garage lighting, but some may be more suitable than others, in no particular order.




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​​1. ​Hykolity Linkable ​LED Shop Light

Hykolity 4FT 42W Linkable LED Shop Light with Pull Chain, Hanging or FlushMount Garage Utility Light with Cord, 5000K Workbench Light, 3700lm 64w Fluorescent Fixture Replacement, ETL Listed- 4 Pack

​At 42W of power, the Hykolity lamps give super bright light (5000K – daylight white) and produce 3,700 Lumens of light – perfect for lighting up even the dingiest of garages. Made from a durable and long-lasting composite alloy, these linkable lamps should last a while – they even have a 5 year warranty on them.

​Linking them is easy – a simple connector from lamp to lamp means you only need one plug in to the wall outlet, and switching them on can be done from any of the lamps as they all have pull cords. This is simplicity itself. These can be mounted flush on a surface, or hang from the ceiling – all hanging hardware is included with the pack.

​These are really simple and easy to setup, great value and would definitely be one of the top contenders for the ​best ​hanging ​garage light​. Available as a four-pack.

​2. Sunco Lighting LED Utility Shop Light

Sunco Lighting 10 Pack - Energy Star, ETL - 4ft 40W LED Utility Shop Light, 4000lm 260W Equivalent, Double Integrated LED Fixture, Ceiling Light, Garage, Frosted (5000K - Daylight)

​The Sunco ​Lighting is just as impressive as the Hykolity model, perhaps more so … slightly less wattage at 40W but put out an impressive 4,000 lumens of light (the equivalent of 260W) with a scale of 5000K (daylight).

​Better still, the Sunco lights ​have a 50,000 hour lifetime – that’s 2,083 days of constant use, or 5.7 years; factor in that you won’t be using them 24-hours a day and you can easily see these ​LED garage ceiling lights lasting for ten years or more. The light unit itself is warrantied for 5 years.

​​They are easy to link up together, although only four units can be linked to the one power supply, but they do come in packs of 10. They have an ‘instant on’ feature due to being LED, but all LED ​lights will be similar. The ​lights come with all hanging hardware supplied.

​3. Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture

(Pack of 6) Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K (Super Bright White), 20W, Utility Shop Light, Ceiling and Under Cabinet Light, Corded electric with built-in ON/OFF switch

​The Barrina’s are the lowest wattage here at just 20W per unit, but they still give off an impressive 2,200 lumens of light at the 6500K scale. Thanks to their extremely low wattage, you could save up to 65% on your electricity bills when switching over to these units.

​These are a pack of six, and unlike some other kits, you can link all 6 together, but they don’t have separate on/off switches if you do – the switch is built in to the power cord, whereas the link cables (supplied) don’t have them. A minor gripe, but that’s only when compared to the garage lighting kits that do have that function.

​The ​LED T5 garage light fixtures by Barrina have a 50,000 hours lifetime, but the warranty period is slightly reduced​ – just three years rather than the five offered by the other manufacturers.

​4. Hyperikon LED ​Garage Light

Hyperikon LED Shop Light, 4ft Utility Garage Light 38W Linkable with Pull Chain, Clear 4000K

​Available as a single light unit or four-pack, the Hyperikon ​lights are rated at 38W but produce 107 lumens per Watt, so they’re rated at 3,800 lumens of light, with a color scale at 4000K.

​Despite being constructed from rugged steel, these garage lights are lightweight but very durable, they’re commercial grade, so will last forever (or at least … a very long time). Hyperikon say that you can save up to 62% of your energy charges with the use of these ​lights, making them very efficient and cost-effective. With a 45,000 hour lifespan (which equates to a 25,000 hour lifetime), the five year warranty looks like it will never be needed!

​Similar to the other lights for garage ceiling​, these can be linked together, four at a time for convenience, using just one power cord to supply power, although the units can be operated individually via the use of the pull cord. All hanging hardware is included.

​5. LeonLite ​Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

LeonLite 40W 4ft Linkable LED Utility Shop Light, Double-Tube T8 LED, 4000lm 120W Equivalent, ETL & Energy Star Certified Suit for Garage, Workbench, Basement, Warehouse, 5000K Daylight, 4 Pack

​The LeonLite garage lighting kits produce 4,000 lumens of light in the 5000K color scale. ​These are made from a heavy-duty PVC (rather than steel or aluminum), but that does mean there’s slightly less weight to be suspending from your ceiling.

​It’s possible to link up five complete units, and they all have individual pull cords for switching on & off – so they’re easily controllable if you don’t need all five switching on. These lights can be flush mounted or suspended (all hanging fixtures are included in the kit) from the ceiling, and can be hard wired in place of a regular light, but you will end up with a redundant connector plug at the end of the lamp if you take that route.

​A 50,000 hour life will see these lamps still in use for years to come, and perhaps the PVC and PC fittings will be better suited in the long term to slightly damp conditions – there should be no corrosion problems here.

​6. HyperSelect LED ​Garage Workshop Light

HyperSelect LED Shop Lights, 4ft Garage Utility LED Light Integrated Fixture, 35W (100W Eq.), 3800 Lumens, 4000K, DLC 4.2, Clear Cover - Perfect for Garages, Workshops, Warehouses and Barns - 4 Pack

​The HyperSelect lighting kits represent good value for money, but lack some of the features of the other LED lighting kits – these aren’t linkable for example, nor do they have a pull cord or chain – the on/off switch being located in the power cord. It’s not a deal breaker, but if convenience is your thing, there are perhaps better options for you.

​They still offer 45,000 hours of life, with a 4000K or 5000K color and can be hung or fitted flush, and supply on average, 108 lumens per Watt, making them around 3,800 lumens. ​The design is patented and designed tough – these units are heavy-duty and simple – ideal for environments that are a little tougher.

​7. FrenchMay Linkable LED ​Workshop Light

Linkable LED Utility Shop Light 4ft 4800 Lumens Super Bright 40W 5000K Daylight ETL Certified LED Garage Lights Fixture Durable LED Fixture with Pull Chain Mounting and Daisy Chain Hardware Included

​These are the most powerful ​workshop lights on the list – a massive 4,800 lumens at 5000K color temperature​. Made from commercial grade aluminum and thermoplastic, they also feature an impact resistant lens – these are the tough garage lights, built for hard work and a hard environment.

​Same as all the others, it’s possible to link some of the units together, they all have individual pull chains to switch them off, I’d say the only … let down … is the shorter power cord – just 44” in total, whereas some of the other lighting kits have around 60” – that extra foot and a bit can make a difference.

​​The FrenchMay ​​​lights will also operate right down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) – no problems in the cooler climes with these. The kits come with all necessary fixings and a 5 year warranty.


best led garage lights buyers guide

​When it comes to my workshop, I work on the theory that you can never have too much light – besides, rig it up properly and you can separate the lights on to different circuits or switches, which means you don’t have to illuminate your whole garage if you don’t need to.

​I should also point out that I’m not getting in to electrical loading, circuits, breaker switches or any such thing – if you aren’t sure whether your power supply or circuits can handle the loads, then you’ll need to take some professional advice before starting. Having said that, most of these ​lights are low wattage and will draw less load.

​​About space restrictions, in particular, height restrictions – if your ceilings are low, hanging ​lights from them will result in either the lamps getting damaged, or your head – neither is a good result. I like to give myself a good three feet above me, but that’s largely dependent on your workspace.

​You should also think about maximum working height of anything else – a car on jack stands with the hood open for example, or if you’re very lucky, a full car lift at max height – it’s surprising the number of times that you’ll forget your strip lamp is directly above the car!

​Finally … ​the LED ​garage lights are nothing like the older fluorescent tubes – these will outlast, out-perform and draw less power than the older tubes.


​In all honesty, there are many different products that will work for you, and being LED, most are super energy-efficient, which will give you around a 60% saving on your energy. They don’t emit the same level of heat as a regular ​light, and in most cases, the LED garage lights won’t make any noise like the old fluorescent tubes (and are mercury free!), but some have been known to cause an interference with an older style AM radio.

​LED bulbs (or tubes) aren’t generally replaceable, but with lifetimes that can run into years, that shouldn’t be a problem – 6 of hours of usage a day equates to over twenty years of life – that represents excellent value​.

​​These seven products are just my lighting ideas for workshops, garages or utility rooms, etc. I feel they offer the best value against light production and longevity.

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