The Best Foam Cannon [Snow Foam Lance] for Electric Car Pressure Washers 2019

​Understanding what is the best foam cannon for you isn’t easy … they all do a similar job, but some work better than others, and some are more robust, so they should last longer, and stand up to more use – if you’re using it regularly, you’ll want something that can handle the rigors of everyday use.

First of all though, for those of you that don’t know what a foam cannon is, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know …

​You may have heard the phrase ‘foam cannon’ but don’t really understand what it’s all about, but basically it’s a car detailing or valeting tool that you can charge with a cleansing fluid to make huge amounts of foam when detailing your car – the idea being that you can literally cover your whole car or vehicle in a cleansing foam and just rinse it off for the perfect ‘no-touch’ wash.

​We’ve discussed swirl marks​ before, and how to get rid of them, but anytime anything touches your car, there is a chance that it could do some very light damage to the finish of the paintwork, ironically, this risk increases each time you wash or clean your car – the action of rubbing the dirt off with soap and towel actually makes the likelihood more, so instead of touching the paintwork, people are turning to foam cannons instead.

​I’d have to say though … while they do work well, they’ll never replace a full detailing session with separate stages for washing, rinsing, waxing and the like.

I’ve selected ​five of the most popular foam cannons, and while they all do a similar job, you need to consider budget, amount of use and longevity – if you intend on using it every Sunday, you want something hard-wearing and reliable.

Best Foam Cannon For Pressure Washers

​1. ​Chemical Guys EQP_310 TORQ

Chemical Guys EQP_310 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon

​The Chemical Guys have made a worldwide reputation for all things car care chemical related – washing products, waxes, detailing kits … pretty much anything and everything you need when it comes to getting your vehicle spotless and shiny, so the 310 Professional Foam Cannon does exactly what you want it to.

​A lot of thought has gone in to the TORQ foam cannon, from the use of brass and stainless steel fittings (so the internals won’t rust) through to the patent-pending Threadlock system for attaching the shampoo tank.

​The ‘Guys’ also make a feature of the air injection technology, which combines the shampoo with oxygen to create the perfect amount of foam – they say it’s capable of producing the thickest foam, even if your pressure washer maxes out at 800 psi. A 32 oz tank means that there’s plenty in the reservoir, but shouldn’t be too heavy when full. I’d say that the 310 cannon is perhaps the most professional foam cannon.


DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4" Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance, Foam Cannon

​I must be honest, DUSICHIN isn’t a name that I’m overly familiar with, but that’s not to say I know everything!

​Many buyers of the DUSICHIN snow foam cannon will be put off by the price, purely because it’s so much cheaper than some of the competition, but let me tell you … don’t worry about that, it’s a quality product, I guess I’d call it value for money.

​It still offers a fully adjustable and variable pattern, although you do need a minimum of 1,000 psi, as opposed to some of the competition that can get away with slightly less, you’ll also need a min. flow rate of 2 GPM. The body and connectors are all brass, and DUSICHIN say that it’s heavy duty, designed for everyday use.

​I guess my only observation is that the foam it produces doesn’t seem quite as thick as some of the other foam cannons, but that could just be setting it up correctly.

​Definitely, it is the best value snow foam cannon on the market right now.

​3. TriNova Foam Cannon

TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car Wash Soap Kit Best Set for Detailing Trucks or SUVs (Foam Gun Only)

​The TriNova snow foam ​lance is a good compromise for pricing, but just like the DUSICHIN model, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

​As with all the specialist foam cannons, the metal parts are made from brass and stainless steel, so rust will never be an issue, but where the TriNova cannon scores well is the extra wide base (great for stopping it toppling over when standing) and the wide filler neck – it makes it easier to fill, and cuts down on the problem of the neck cracking, which is surprisingly common, even on some of the more expensive foam cannons.

​The information says that it will work with any psi sprayer, but actually, you need a minimum of 800 psi, and I found the best results came with a minimum of 1,000 psi, but it only needs a minimum flow rate of 1.4 gpm, unlike some of the others that require at least two gallons per minute.

​This is a great mid-range snow foam ​lance, but the results did vary with different shampoos, so whilst you can save a few dollars on the foam cannon, stretch that bit further for the shampoo and it’ll work just great.

​4. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon 1 Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance With 1/4" Quick Connector Foam Blaster for Pressure Washer Gun

​Another super low-priced snow foam ​lance, another great bargain. Unlike the TriNova, this needs a minimum of 2 gallons per minute water flow, and a 1,000 psi washer, but most do anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

​Does it work as well as the more expensive snow foam ​lances? Yes it does, and the adjustments work well and are easy to use – the dial at the top adjusts the amount of foam dispensed, while the nozzle itself adjusts the spray pattern – from a wide fan to almost jet like, it really couldn’t be simpler.

​As with all the others, the main body is made from brass for corrosion resistance, and it’s heavy with a capital H – heavier than the others (although I haven’t actually weighed them!). The tank itself holds 0.22 gallons (1 liter), but you’ll only really need to fill it ¾ full unless you’re doing a full size SUV or truck.

​If you’re looking for ​the best cheap snow foam ​lance, it has to be this​.

​5. MTM Hydro Professional Foam Cannon with Bayonet

MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon with Bayonet, 2600 PSI

​Don’t be fooled by the pictures – this looks super basic, not even any decals on the tank, but it works great. Although this particular model is supplied with a Karcher K series bayonet adaptor fitted, it does come with a quick release connector and threaded connector – you just need to be careful if you need to swap them over – breakages are relatively common if you’re a bit … of a gorilla with the wrenches.

​It will hold a full 34 oz of fluid/shampoo, enough for pretty much any vehicle, although of course the rate at which it empties is dependent on just how much foam you want to make – and it will make plenty if you want – a good ¼” thick foam that clings to your car.

​Despite looking like it’s at the cheaper end of the scale, the materials used are all high quality and it’s labelled as a professional model, so should cope with weekly usage if that’s your thing.


​Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser

Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser (1 Gal)

​This is exactly the same foam cannon as mentioned in the above review – the Chemicals Guys 310 Professional Foam Cannon, but the difference here is that it comes with the additional 1 gallon of Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser.

​Most of you have a preferred brand of foam cleanser or shampoo, so if you’re a Chemical Guys fan, this is great, if not … pick the 310 foam cannon and use your preferred choice.

​How to Use a Foam Cannon

​Using a foam cannon is relatively easy and straightforward, typically, it attaches to the end of any pressure washer, although you do need to make considerations to the output pressures – too low and it just won’t foam up as it’s intended – the design of the foam cannon relies on water pressure to draw the foaming fluid though the nozzle as a capillary action. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum pressure of 800 psi, but I’d say that realistically, the higher the better.

​Adjustable foam cannons are a thing … both for spray patterns and pressure; a wide, fan type spray pattern to cover the whole vehicle, or something closer to a small jet for the smaller nooks and crannies or gaps in the bodywork.

​Depending on the exact model, the fitting methods can differ, but typically, the foam cannon screws to the lance of a pressure washer, with the fluid bottle hanging underneath the lance – simple and quick, although you need to be careful of breaking the screw-thread fittings or ‘stripping’ the thread, especially if they’re made from plastic. Most come with a ¼” quick release coupler (you really don’t want to be having to screw it on or off every time). Another good tip is look for one with a wide filler – this helps in two ways … of course it makes it easier to fill, but it also means that the weight of the foam cannon reservoir is spread over a larger area, which should mean there’s less risk of the tank snapping off at the neck.

​Typically, you’ll use around 1 – 2 oz of foaming shampoo per wash, but that rate does depend on how much foam you want, the water pressure, and the mixing pressure.


​Finally …

​A snow foam cannon is a great tool and aid for cleaning your car regularly, many people find it so easy with a foam cannon that they wash their vehicle weekly – after all, it’s a ten minute job, and that includes setting up the pressure washer.

​Most of the kits here come as standard with a quick release coupler that should fit straight in to the lance trigger housing, but if your lance doesn’t use a coupler like that, you can usually MacGyver something quite easily, although the MTM foam cannon does come with a selection of coupling adaptors.

​Whatever foam cannon you use, it’s the ideal way of doing the ‘no touch’ wash to your car, which should hopefully reduce the chance of swirl marks, although if you’re of the polishing persuasion, you can always give your vehicle a good waxing and polish after – it’s the ideal way of finishing it off.

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  1. Nice review of a few of the foam cannons on the market. I’m not a big fan of Chemical Guys products as it seems they just add a new smell to the old products and claim its new. Buy the cheaper foam cannon and a quality soap like Meguires Gold Class or CarPro Reset (especially if your car is coated) and call it a day. I would have been nice to see these cannons in action to see the difference in foam.

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