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5 Best Dash Cams for Semi-Trucks

Technology has been embraced and this does not exclude the semi-trucks. The invention of the dash cams for your trucks is the best technology in practice and cannot go unnoticed.

Technology makes our lives worthwhile and livable to the fullest. Imagine a gadget that can be able to record every small detail that happens while driving and can be able to detect an accident happening. Isn’t it amazing to the world?

It is time to make your truck lovable by having one of the best dash cams for truckers in the market and learn a lot about them from the article below

Best Dash Cams for Semi-Trucks Reviews


Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.0 / 5
  • Brand: KDLINKS
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This is the best overall dash cam on the market for truck drivers.

Key Features

  • GPS enabled
  • Full HD view of 1920×1080
  • 165-degree wide-angle
  • Gravity sensor active
  • Ultra-clear 3 inches LCD screen
  • High-quality Li-polymer 3.7v
  • Superior night vision technology
  • One year warranty
  • Superior super slim design
  • Lightweight


  • Quality pictures
  • Wide-angle view for wider coverage of recording
  • Lightweight that makes it easy to carry around
  • East to set up procedure for installation
  • GPS enabled to track the specific area of the recording
  • Superior Night-vision model technology for clear pictures at night
  • One year warranty to deal with all the hardware malfunctions of the gadget


  • Extremely expensive to buy

With its six glass lenses and an impressive battery, it becomes a product that is on high demand by each individual because it is the best the market has.

Despite its goodness, the product may not be favorable to people who are on a budget because the product is extremely expensive.

With the quality of the product and the features accompanied, it becomes one of the best overall in the market for the semi-trucks.

It’s advanced relatively exceptional features make it the best to solve the issue with blurred images from a video recording.

Garmin 66 Dash Cam

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5
  • Brand: Garmin
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It’s the runners up according to its function and the services they offer.

Key Features

  • G sensor enabled
  • GPS enabled
  • 3 inches LCD screen installed
  • HD video quality
  • Night vision technology enabled


  • High video quality for clear pictures
  • GPS enabled to track the time and the location of the incidents
  • Excellent wide range view to take all the incidents that happen on the way
  • Excellent LCD screen of about 3 inches for real-time recording
  • Accident detection technology with a G sensor
  • Screenshot enabled that enables you to take still images


  • Loud collision alarm
  • Not long enough power cable
  • Quite expensive to purchase
  • According to the customer’s reviews, it can show collision when there are no vehicles in front

This is a product that is a good one for those people who want to embrace technology and still have value for their money.

According to its quality and specifications, the product occupies the place of the runner up because it offers almost the best of the functions.

The product takes quality clear pictures due to its high video quality makes it lovable the semi-trucks drivers in the field.

WheelWitness HD PRO

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5
  • Brand: WheelWitness
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It’s the second runners up in the market because of its extremely excellent features that are associated with the product.

Key Features

  • 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • GPS enabled
  • Continuous  and automatic recording
  • Wide dynamic range technology enabled
  • Crisp recording
  • 2304 x 1296 p resolution


  • Wide-angle view lens that enables the dashcam to take videos at every angle of the road
  • Wide dynamic range for night vision that shows a more balanced exposure during the night
  • Continuous recording that automatically replaces the older files with new ones
  • Large storage space covered by the free 16 GB micro SD
  • Super LCD display screen that shows clear videos on the screen


  • Quite expensive to purchase

The product is the best for those people who value their cash and who prefer a product that is durable and much reliable in the field.

The product is quite expensive to purchase and therefore not suitable for those people who are on a budget or prefer a product that is cheaper.

It occupies this position because like in any running race this product gets a bronze medal that is because of the quality it offers and the reliability of the product.

Everyone values a product with additional feature and this having a large space and automatic continuous recording makes this dash cam valuable in the eyes of the people.

OldShark 3″ 1080P

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 3.8 / 5
  • Brand: OldShark
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The product is the best budget that the market can offer.

Key Features

  • G sensor installed with automatic detection
  • Uses six layers of sharp lenses for super-resolution
  • Camera record
  • Night vision feature installed
  • Cased with zinc alloy metal shell
  • 170-degree angle of video coverage


  • Large memory capacity to hold a large capacity of the videos you are taking
  • HD video that gives clear images
  • Night vision enabled to enable taking videos even in unlit areas
  • G sensor installed for accident detection
  • Easy setup
  • Durability enabled by the metal casing
  • Cheaper to purchase


  • Low battery life that cannot hold for long hours

For those people who are on a budget, this is the best product for them because it comes with attractive prices and still gives the best services you need.

The product is not ideal for someone who wants to use the dashcam for long hours because its battery life will not support long hours.

It is the best budget product because it’s cheaper to purchase and can still make you get the value of your money because of its capabilities.

Its price is the most attractive feature that accompanies the product and that’s why the product is lovable in the market.

It’s one of the best-selling dash cams in the market

Key Features

  • 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • Night vision of six-layer glasses
  • Full HD video of 1920 x 1080p
  • 170-degree angle of view
  • One year warranty
  • Black plastic casing
  • Stimulated leather style
  • Automatic and automatic recording loop


  • Full HD videos that give quality images to the driver
  • Wide view angle that enables one to have a vast area of video coverage
  • Automatic record system with endless looping
  • Excellent night vision technology to take videos at any time of the day
  • One year warranty for all hardware malfunctions and also covers the malfunctions of the micro SD.
  • Plastic casing with a unique front surface that can cut the reflections and makes them more classy compared to the other dash cams


  • Does not have a long-lasting battery

The product is much affordable and can be bought by everyone who needs to access a quality dash cam to automatically record your videos on the way.

Due to its battery, it may not favor a person who wants to use the dashcam for long distances and for long hours.

It is the best-selling in the market because it is much affordable and still it can offer you the best HD videos and cover a wide range of video coverage.

The product acts like a bridge of those people with cash limitations and who still wants to go for the best quality of the product.


Now the task is on you. I have discussed the best six of the dash cams in the market today and I have explained on what to consider before buying the best dashcam. It is now the time to pick the best model for yourself considering that a dashcam is a must-have item for your truck.

It is the best evidence to the insurance company in case of an accident and it is a witness when accused falsely by other road users while on the way.

With all the information above nothing will hinder you from getting the best dash cam for your truck in the market.

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