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Pedal Commander Review: Should You Buy It?

If you are a multi-model driver, by now you should have realized the difference in some of the gas pedals. Older manually operated cars tend to have more responsive pedals compared to digital models.

So should we revert to analog?

This is not an excuse to take some steps backward. You need pedal commander and you are sorted! This is a throttle response controller designed to remedy the response delays on your gas pedal.

I know you are now yearning to get one. However, before you go shopping, I bet you need some vital information on the stuff. Knowledge is power after all, right? Scroll down

Pedal Commander

Quick Specs
  • Rating: 4.9 / 5
  • Brand: Pedal Commander
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  • Four modes each with nine options to choose from
  • Increased response time
  • Easy to install thanks to its plug and play make.
  • It does not void the warranty. It is designed not to leave any footprints in the car system.


  • Some modes can turn your car into a guzzler

How Does Pedal Commander Work

Once you install the pedal commander, you will experience an instant power of your vehicle! But how does how stuff work?

You must have noticed that when you want to step on the gas pedal with an intention to overtake a slow-moving car, some seconds pass before your beast reacts. This is because the signal from the pedal first goes to the engine control unit, which eventually sends it to the actuator motor for action.

The pedal commander is designed to connect a shortcut between the pedal and the throttle. It bypasses the actuator thus eliminating the delays. That is not the deal. The real deal is in the autonomy to adjust the sensitivity of your gas pedal to your taste.

Is Pedal Commander Useful?

Necessity is the mother of the invention. The pedal commander is designed to assist you to get an increased engine response. It gives your car an advantage over the rest of the traffic jam. The sportsmen too love a car that can respond swiftly to the acceleration.

From most reviews online, it is evident that pedal commanders serve its makers intentions of increasing the response time. And you know what? People are buying it and referring others to also get one for themselves. It is selling, it means its working and if it is working, then it is obviously useful.

How Does Pedal Commander Work Review And Installation Guide

Who Should Buy Pedal Commander

If you want to do things swiftly, then this is your stuff. Everyone mind a powerful ride should get a throttle controller like the peal commander for better engine response times.

All digital cars whose gas pedals are electronically controlled should install the pedal commander. It does not matter how whether you have a warranty or not.

The pedal commander does not leave any footprint with the car hence you are covered. Your warranty will not be voided, just make sure you detach the stuff when you go for regular service.

Pedal Commander throttle response controller

Pedal Commander throttle response controller

Pedal Commander comes with 4 adjustable modes and will improve fuel economy and you will really feel the beast within your car.

Pedal Commander Vs. Sprint Booster

We live in an exciting society where we learn from each other. If an idea germinates in Germany, the Chinese will perfect it. The beauty of this is that the consumer got options to choose from and of course there is that insurance from monopoly! Yes, completion is proper.

While it is true that, healthy competition helps the consumer pocket-wise, many options leave them confused.

When it comes to throttle controllers, we got you covered, and we mean it. Do not let confusion reign on your choices for the one that your car deserves.

#Sprint Booster

  • Made in Greece
  • It has three driving modes: factory off, sports and race.
  • It’s a complete plug and plays hence installation is straightforward; Takes an average of 10 minutes to install
  • Detachable, therefore, can change the sensitivity on the fly
  • 3 Years warranty

#Pedal Commander

  • Made in Turkey
  • Plug and play; Takes roughly 10 minutes to install
  • Four driving modes each with nine sensitivity levels= 36 options at your disposal to choose from
  • Comes preprogrammed
  • 2 Years warranty

Though the two work more or less the same in eliminating delays to car responses, the pedal commander seems to command the lead with many options to choose from and more settings for each mode. Besides that, it all depends on your taste and preference.

That said, the result is always going to be one, an increased response.

How to Operate Pedal Commander

There is a time my mum could not get her computer running. She was troubled as she had some reports to submit and beat the deadlines. When the technician came in to repair, he found out that the issue was with the unplugged power cable! Silly it was.

You don’t want to get into the same situation with your Pedal commander. Therefore, you got no choice but to know how to operate the stuff.

You will need to know how to operate it. Otherwise, it you may not benefit from its optimal functionality. You got the user manual with you but a few tips will get you going.

To operate the pedal commander, you can do it manually using the buttons or by using the Bluetooth app powered by the internet of things. Toggle between the modes and their options until you settle for your favorite.

Pedal Commander settings

There is no need for turning off or on your pedal commander unit. It powers on with your car and powers off 5 minutes after you have switched off your car.

If your car computer registers an error message on your screen, don’t panic, it means you must have unplugged the throttle sensor before the ECU completed the sleep circle. Remove the battery’s negative terminal for 15 minutes and all will be well.

How to Install Pedal Commander

Installing a pedal commander is an easy task that will not need a mechanic. It is a task that can complete a tea break. Yes, you heard me right. Take your time though if it is your first time.

I can assure you that the process is easy, fast, and rewarding. Follow the steps below:

#First step

Put off the ignition and give it some 5 minutes for the electronic system to cool down. The key should be detached from the keyhole. Leaving your key in the ignition may cause of error codes on your installed pedal afterward.

#Second Step

How to Install Pedal Commander

Now locate the factory harness. Appears typically on top of the pedal assembly. Disconnect it. We shall connect this throttle sensor to our pedal commander.

#Third step

Third step

The next step is to connect the commander harness to vehicle harness and the other end of the pedal unit. If you hear the click sounds the better.

click sounds the better

You are almost there! The technical aspect is done.

#Fourth step

Some little effort of tidiness and we shall be done. Run the cable from the pedal assembly and make sure there will be no contact with your foot.

#Fifth step

Mount the controller anywhere you like in your car but a place safe and accessible for monitoring. You can use alcohol and a wiper to clean the area of mounting before using the accompanying tape to hold it in place.

Ignite, pedal, and enjoy the ride.

If you are stuck, check this video tutorial to learn how to install the Pedal Commander.


You do not have to live with a sponge kind of a gas pedal just because your dealer said your warranty runs for some years. You have to experience a crazy ride before that vehicle retires. Get pedal commander and enjoy the ride.

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