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The 6 Best Car Glass Cleaners For Sparkling Results 2019

​Keeping your car looking great is straightforward – you can learn to detail it properly, use one of the many hundreds of waxes or sealers, even use a dedicated buffing machine, but your glass is something different … getting the super-clear, streak-free clarity is difficult, mainly because of the nature of glass.

​You’re constantly staring at it, any light shining on it will always highlight the odd smudge or smear, and let’s be honest … it’s damn annoying when there’s just that one smear running the length of it. I can live with a few minor marks or smears in my paintwork, but the glass … has to be perfect.

​I’ve reviewed six of the best car glass cleaners, and while their sole purpose is to clean glass, there are some differences between them all – some suit one type of application, while another cleaner could be useful for something slightly different.

​The Best Car Window Cleaners

​1. Meguiar's G8224 Perfect Clarity Auto Glass Cleaner

Meguiar's G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - 24 oz.

​Meguiar’s are known for one thing … their auto detailing & cleaning products, and for good reason. They’ve always produced fine quality product that does the job as they intended, their glass cleaner is no different.

​Their unique formula spreads easily, and wipes off to leave a streak-free finish, without too much effort, and thanks to the professional grade formulation, the haze-free glass stays that way for longer than some of the competition.

​The product is particularly good for cleaning up all the nasties like dead bugs, tree sap and bird droppings, ​even when it ​works ​for the interior – things like tobacco smoke film and ‘vinyl fogging’. If you haven’t heard of vinyl fog, you’re not alone – it apparently happens when the vinyl dash gets overly hot and releases some sort of odor or gas.

​The G8224 ​doesn’t say whether it’s ammonia free, but it is safe to use on all glass products, including window tints, ​comes with ​a fresh scent.

​Best for an all-round cleaner, good value for money and gives a good streak-free finish with little effort.

​2. SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner, 19 oz, Pack of 12

​The greatest glass cleaner in a can? Maybe.

​The Sprayway SW050-12 is an aerosol can which when used delivers a foam to the window, ​unlike some of the other foams, this just sits and sticks – no running, no dribbling, not even a bit of sagging. Sprayway have been making great products like this since 1947, so they do know a thing or two about them.

​They say that it contains ‘perfume-grade’ alcohol for best performance, all I can tell is that it’s guaranteed to not leave a residue or film, and that it needs no rinsing off – it really is spray on, wipe off. The finish it leaves is sparkling, quite literally one of the best finishes you’ll get for such a simple treatment​.

​Given the nature of the cleaner, this (for me) is the best cleaner for the more heavier duty cleaning ​when you need something that little bit extra than a quick spritz and wipe from a bottle.

​3. Adam’s Polishes Car Window Cleaner

Adam's New Glass Cleaner - Streak Free Glass Cleaning - Optical Clarifiers Keep Glass Clear for Improved Visibility - Safe for Tinted Windows (16 oz)

​This car window cleaner is completely eco-friendly – no alcohol or ammonia, which makes it safe to use pretty much anywhere, including on tints. ​Adam’s brand claim that ​it uses ‘breakthrough polymer technology’ and ‘optical clarifiers’ to provide the ultimate in clean and clear technology. Sounds like some marketing … spiel … to me, but to be fair, it does work well, under the right circumstances.

​Here’s the thing … users have all commented on fantastic results, some of the best they’ve seen, but only with the recommended silk towel specially designed for glass – microfiber towels will deliver a smeared finish.

​Made in the USA, completely green and gets the results with their towel … this has to be the #1 for the eco-friendly car guys.

​4. Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner

Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner, 16 oz Bottle

​As the name suggests, this is the extreme end of cleaning your glass, and even then, it needs a hand in the form of an abrasive pad​.

​The strongest formula combines an acid gel, cutting abrasives and a wide range of professional strength cleaning agents to get the job done​, because it has been designed to remove the very toughest of stains … imagine if you’d let a car stand outside for a decade, never touching it … that sort of stain.

​A number of people have reported using it as a last ditch effort before spending thousands on replacing glass, all have produced amazing results.

​It removes: paint overspray, mildew & mold, hard water spots, calcium & mineral deposits, lime scale … pretty much anything​.

​If ​your windshield as well as other glass surfaces ​are so severely tarnished that other methods haven’t even touched, then the Extreme from Driven is the choice for you.

​5. 3M 08888 Car Glass Cleaner

3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

​3M have been making chemical solutions and all manner of things for as long as I can remember, and that’s their key​. They aren’t an cleaning kit supplier or auto detailer, they’re a chemical manufacturer (amongst many other things), so their car glass cleaner is specially formulated, and it works well.

​This is another foam aerosol, similar to the Sprayway, and 3M say that it’s safe to use on all glass surfaces, but also interior plastics, lenses and automotive vinyl – so it’s pretty multi-purpose.

​A completely streak-free formula, the beauty of the foam cleaner is really apparent when you’re trying to clear bugs and debris from the screen – spray this on and leave it for a moment or two – it will soften up the detritus for easier removal.

​If you have a problem with bug splatter, this would be the one for you … ​the best cheap car glass cleaner that can be used on a number of surfaces, risk free.

​6. Invisible Glass 92194-4PK Premium Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass 92194-4PK Premium Glass Cleaner (32-oz.Bottle), 128 fl. oz, 4 Pack

​Four bottles at 32oz each, all using their Clear Dry formulation, which guarantees a streak-free shine with minimum effort. Just the same as the Adam’s, you can’t use just anything for application if you want the best results – paper towels will smear and leave streaks – you must use a microfiber towel.

​It’s ammonia free, and contains no ‘streaky additives’, ​then you can safely use ​it on most surfaces, including windows that have been tinted.

​Although when using it on the inside of the windshield, it does tend to over spray a bit – you can either clean the mess afterward, or place a cloth on the top of the dash before using.

​The Best Cleaners

​I think it’s also worth mentioning a few other uses … yes, this is all about cars, but a number of consumers use some of these products in their homes – some quite obvious like shower screens, windows and mirrors, and others not quite so obvious … carpet cleaner, granite worktop polish and stainless steel cleaner.

​They really can be truly multi-purpose.

​Some of these cleaners are eco-friendly, and that used to mean that they’d need more elbow grease to get the job done, it was for that reason that people started producing their own home-made cleaners … believing them to be better. It was maybe true a few years back, but today’s cleaners are just as powerful, whether they’re eco-friendly or not.

​It’s tempting to just use a chamois cleaning cloth on the windows, ​however, with a little extra effort, the glass could be transformed to sparkling, rather than just ‘clear’.